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Reviewed by James O'Connor on the Microsoft Xbox.

Aggressive Inline is an exciting, entertaining and addictive skating game featuring a strong Aussie presence having playable skaters including local legends Shane Yost, Matt Salerno & Sam Fogarty together with Matt Lindenmuth, Eito Yasutoko, Sven Boekhorst, Chris Edwards, Taig Khris, Franky Morales and Jaren Grob.

The game features awesome music by P.O.D., Saliva, Hoobastank, Black Sheep, Sublime, Pharcyde, Reel Big Fish, Boy Hits Car, Eric B and Rakim, The Vandals, The Ataris and Student Rick and the great music adds a lot to the game. 

After some time spent learning the tricks, lines, etc in the tutorial area you're treated to huge levels, great animations and funny street characters with your chosen skater progressing in skill and experience a bit like a Dungeons & Dragons role playing character progresses.

Old school skaters will like the impressive array of tricks including inverts, spins, flips and various grabs with access to vert ramps never that far away, and the 'tech'-skaters will enjoy the almost unlimited combination of grinds, cess slides & manuals that can be strung together. 

There is a lot more to this game that could be said here... but I won't spoil the fun, so if you've got an Xbox, PS2 or Nintendo Gamecube this one is well worth it! Special thanks to Daniel from Acclaim.

Review by .Linden "LJ" Mitchell on the Sony PS2

I've been playing the game non-stop since my birthday with Ben Cornwall and all up we've been playing for a total of 48hours, 38 minutes (there is a timer on each character). The game has the same set up as the Tony Hawk wood pusher game but instead of a timer you have a juice level meter and you have to do tricks to keep it up. You collect juice boxes and other icons to make you faster, jump higher, spin faster, wall ride better, grind, manual and fakie better. Each character has a 'head' which enables you to do a special move like double flatspins (Shane Yost's head) which you can find up the back of the movie lot. The only negative is when you do zero or allyoop tricks the games does not identify it. You can do insane spin / flip / grab combos. The game is 5 years too late but its a sick game.

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peace L.J.

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