Rollerblading.com.au is dedicated to the Australian rollerblading scene in all its forms. Online for well over a decade, we have recently undergone a complete modern redesign and are now officially back in action.

We are continuing to add more and more to the site as time goes on, so if you have any suggestions, comments or content, make sure you let us know.


Conceptualised in 1999 by James O’Connor, Rollerblading.com.au was officially launched at the Australian National Titles in 2000.

Quickly becoming the most popular inline skating website in country in the early days of the explosion of online media, Rollerblading.com.au was instrumental in documenting the Australian rollerblading scene (aggressive inline skating | rolling | blading | skatepark | street | vert), alongside as an online hub for Nationals Coverage and LEARN-TO-SKATE skate schools in both major capital cities and regional centres.

In 2004, the Rollerblading.com.au Inviational Pro Contest was held at Sydney Entertainment Centre alongside other extreme sports as part of the massive Surf Dive Action Show.

Rollerblading.com.au was also involved at various levels as a sponsor or supporter of inline skating events and companies across the country, including the Australian National Titles, Double Platinum Australian Rollerblading Video, 3216 Double or Nothing Video and Issue 4, the Road Kill Tour, Inline Anarchy Competition Series and East Sydney Battling Contest.

Contributors have included Jesse Kuch, Karen Stibbard, Paddy Irvine, Clinton Cowin, Iain Smith, Brendan Harris, Joel Kiejda, Dale Travers, Delly Carr, Matt Raimondo, Tony Brown, Allan Brannan, Alex Davidson, Stefan Postles, Krystle Wright and Ben Warren.

By 2007, my day job didn’t allow as much time to keep the site updated as I would have liked and Rollerblading.com.au needed a major revamp. During this time I was spending more time growing the rollerblading lessons / skate school & cityskates promotion side. Also around this time Facebook was gaining considerable traction so I launched Facebook.com/inlineskating (and that has subsequently grown to over 19k likes).

In 2011-12 I drove around Australia, spending a year in the Queensland regional city of Cairns to teach Science (and skating), where I met journalist and fellow rollerblader Jesse Kuch. Jesse had just picked up blading again after years off, and offered to put his website and journalism skills to good use as in support of the Australian scene.

Jesse revamped the entire website giving it updated editorial content, design, promotion, marketing and word-press interface. I honestly couldn’t be happier!

After months of hard work behind the scenes, Rollerblading.com.au was republished with a responsive and modern redesign, renewed focus on news, social media accounts, events and media across the rollerblading scene. More sections will be added as the site continues to grow and evolve.

Rollerblading.com.au is a passion project meaning everything is about supporting Australian inline skating in its forms. We hope you enjoy the new website and are open to all questions, contributions, ideas and comments. If we can help or support you, your event, company or project, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Support us by encouraging people to learn rollerblading with Rollerblading Sydney and Rollerblading Brisbane skate schools.

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