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New to inline skating and don’t know where to start? Want to build on your existing skills? Look no further than rollerblading.com.au

If you are keen to improve your inline skating and would like to learn from the certified instructors / coaches, rollerblading.com.au runs lessons all over Australia

Taught by Rollerblading.com.au, Skate IA, ICP or Skate Australia certified instructors or coaches, rollerblading.com.au’s instructors offers beginners and intermediates the tools they need to become better skaters. Advanced skaters could then progress to ‘introduction to skate parks’, ‘ramp skating’, ‘slalom skating clinics’, ‘urban skating – slides’, ‘speed skating’, ‘inline hockey’ or a multitude of other disciplines.

Lessons are fun and focused on your learning. Consult with your instructor about how to choose the right pair of inline skates for your individual needs. Let us know where you are located so that we can recommend where to get inline skates & protective gear (helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads). N.B. inline skating is an adventure sport with risks and you’ll agree to take responsibility for yourself from a liability perspective.

We are a mobile business, with lessons held wherever there is sufficient interest plus we also teach lessons via ZOOM. We run lessons in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Mooloolaba, and Gold Coast. If your location isn’t listed, consider a ZOOM rollerblading lesson and send a text message to James on 0411872022 with your name, location, level of ability, and whether you are interested in learning rollerblading or rollerskating.  (Edit by James O’Connor).

Rollerblading Sydney lesson and tour
Rollerblading Sydney
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