Quick clips with the Razors crew at Australia’s biggest indoor skate park in Geelong

The crew from Razors Australia made the trip down to Australia’s biggest indoor skatepark in Geelong recently and have just dropped this short but swaggy edit.

The Melbourne Rollerblading community has a monthly session at The Park where we they are able to setup the coping box built for the recent Australian Rollerblading Open on the street course.

All are welcome to attend, so check out their Facebook group for the next session.

Starring Tom Coley Sowry, Tom Scofield and Martin Gade

Main Camera: Alex Casey

Edit by Thomas Dalbis

Razors information: razorskate.com

The Park information: theparkgeelong.com.au

Melbourne Rollerblading information: melbournerollerblading.com.au

Quick clips with the Razors Australia Crew @ The Park, Geelong



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