is a proud media partner of the inaugural Australian Blading Choice Awards is proud to be the official media partner of the inaugural Australian Blading Choice Awards.

The Australian Blading Choice Awards are a people’s choice online rollerblading media competition.

To enter the competition you just need to post a photo or raw clip of yourself doing a rollerblading trick onto the Australian Blading Choice Awards Facebook page.

Once it has been posted online the public may vote for the winner. The competition starts at midnight on the 1/12/15 and finishes at midnight on the 29/12/15 with the winners to be announced on New Years Eve.

There will be prizes for the Top.3 submissions with the most points scored. There will also be a bonus prize awarded to the person who posts the comment with the most Likes on any submission on the page.

– 1 point for a “Like”
– 3 points for a “Share”
– 1 bonus point will be awarded for shouts to the sponsors of the event
– 1 bonus point will be awarded if you are clearly using one of the sponsors products in the submission
– Points will still be awarded if you “Like” or “Share” your own submission
– National and international votes do count
– All points will be calculated off the page only
– The submission with the highest amount of points wins
– In the event of a tie at the deadline, 1 extra day will be announced to gain any extra points – if it’s still a tie, then a winner will be chosen by the sponsors of the event

– All submissions must be posted by the skater in the photo or clip
– No limit on submissions but only the highest scoring submission counts
– All competitors must have a current Australian mailing address to receive prizes
– Competitors can be of all ages
– Raw clips have a 30 second time limit
– All submissions must include the skaters name, photographer/filmers name, suburb/city location in Australia, the year the clip/photo was taken
– Submissions will be invalid if no rollerblading tricks are done
– Submissions can be either posted directly onto the page or sent via private message to be posted by the page itself
– Only unreleased/unpublished photos or clips may be used

– Razors Australia
– Seba Australia
– Bayside Blades
– 4Sqair
– The Firm
– Vine St
– Brisbane Rollerbladers
– Sydney Rollerbladers
– Melbourne Rollerblading
– Smugglie’s Loot Den
– Canthrax

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