is a proud media partner of the inaugural Australian Blading Choice Awards

Australian Blading Choice Awards

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The Australian Blading Choice Awards are a people’s choice online rollerblading media competition.

To enter the competition you just need to post a photo or raw clip of yourself doing a rollerblading trick onto the Australian Blading Choice Awards Facebook page.

Once it has been posted online the public may vote for the winner. The competition starts at midnight on the 1/12/15 and finishes at midnight on the 29/12/15 with the winners to be announced on New Years Eve.

There will be prizes for the Top.3 submissions with the most points scored. There will also be a bonus prize awarded to the person who posts the comment with the most Likes on any submission on the page.

– 1 point for a “Like”
– 3 points for a “Share”
– 1 bonus point will be awarded for shouts to the sponsors of the event
– 1 bonus point will be awarded if you are clearly using one of the sponsors products in the submission
– Points will still be awarded if you “Like” or “Share” your own submission
– National and international votes do count
– All points will be calculated off the page only
– The submission with the highest amount of points wins
– In the event of a tie at the deadline, 1 extra day will be announced to gain any extra points – if it’s still a tie, then a winner will be chosen by the sponsors of the event

– All submissions must be posted by the skater in the photo or clip
– No limit on submissions but only the highest scoring submission counts
– All competitors must have a current Australian mailing address to receive prizes
– Competitors can be of all ages
– Raw clips have a 30 second time limit
– All submissions must include the skaters name, photographer/filmers name, suburb/city location in Australia, the year the clip/photo was taken
– Submissions will be invalid if no rollerblading tricks are done
– Submissions can be either posted directly onto the page or sent via private message to be posted by the page itself
– Only unreleased/unpublished photos or clips may be used

– Razors Australia
– Seba Australia
– Bayside Blades
– 4Sqair
– The Firm
– Vine St
– Brisbane Rollerbladers
– Sydney Rollerbladers
– Melbourne Rollerblading
– Smugglie’s Loot Den
– Canthrax

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